Friday, July 10, 2009


And every time she came to see one of her providers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital her medical record was not to be found. This story pre-dates electronic medical records and so her hard copy medical record was ordered when she was scheduled for an appointment. Each time the Medical Records Department insisted it was missing. Yet when the nutritionist or nurse or doctor walked into the exam room, there it was. When she finally arrived for her appointment, so did her medical record. Sure enough, there she was carrying her three volume medical record in a paper shopping bag. “They’ve lost it too many times, so now I just take it home with me and bring it in when I have an appointment. This way I also get to read it and know what is going on.”
She knew the value of a personal health record, and one that was interoperable at that. She was a fan of participatory medicine a woman ahead of her times.

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